WEBINAR: Setting Up an Effective Data Governance Program Our Experiences at Amica

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When establishing a Data Governance program, one of the major challenges is ensuring it is an effective program that brings value to your company. As a Data Governance professional, you know what you need to be doing but your enterprise is not so sure it’s the right thing.

This session will highlight the challenges and successes of Amica’s journey toward Data Governance effectiveness:

– Finding the right data stewards for your organization
– Engaging the Data Governance council
– Demonstrating value to the business and/or IT areas
– Assess what works, what doesn’t work, and how to “find a groove”
– There will be more – join us to find out what they are!

Please consider attending this webinar whether you’re just starting on your journey or you’re well on your way (and noticing that things seem to be a bit stale or stagnant).