WEBINAR: How We are Moving from Chaos to Community with our Data

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Organizations can feel like the Wild West with the lack of Data Governance. This can be especially true when the sheriff is not empowered and “this is how it has always been,” or “it is just easier to do it the old way.” Art Steele will discuss how to move from the Wild West of old to a community of new using a set of best practices to help improve the data in your organization. By speaking a common language and creating an environment for data collaboration, Grange Insurance influenced change behavior education on data. This allowed for data empowerment throughout the enterprise that brought once-siloed departments into a community of data sharing.

By the end of this webinar, attendees should walk away with some new methods to change up the old ways of doing things within their own organizations. Attendees will learn how to:

• Empower, influence, and create bidirectional communication
• Effectively build a data community of people through Data Stewards and a Data Council to
make Data Governance stick
• Graduate from Excel into a more operative data tool to better organize your data
• Gain the attention of your senior leaders on why they should care about Data Governance.
Repeat, Data Governance is not a hobby!
• Convey the importance of a process that creates well-defined, communicated, known, and
trusted data across the organization