WEBINAR: Evolving Data Governance for Vanguard’s Next-Gen Infrastructure

Vanguard established its data governance program to answer four basic questions:
  • What data do we have?
  • Where is the data located?
  • What systems are using that data and for what purpose?
  • Does that use meet regulatory and business requirements?
A comprehensive set of processes and procedures were established to achieve these objectives.


This session will discuss how the shift in the Vanguard IT infrastructure and delivery methodology impacted our data governance process and procedures and how we are evolving our data governance to support the new IT landscape and reduce the amount of manual entry.


This session will cover Vanguard’s journey into Data Governance including:
  • The Principals and Core Objectives for establishing the Data Governance Program
  • The Changes to the Vanguard Infrastructure/Delivery and the Impacts to Data Governance
  • How the Data Governance Program had to evolve to support the Infrastructure and Delivery changes
  • The importance of Metadata and the need to automate the collection
  • Buildout & population of our Data Catalog
  • Closing Thoughts and Lessons Learned


About the Speaker
Jason Caplan is a Senior Solutions Architect in the Enterprise Data Office with a focus on Data Governance and Metadata Management. He has been at Vanguard for 27 where he has performed various roles in the IT department but always had a passion for data. He has be involved with the Data Governance/Metadata Management initiative since inception in 2010. His current area of focus is building out the Data Catalog, automated Data Discovery, & Data Lineage.
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