WEBINAR: Information Risk Management for Ensuring Data Confidence

Across the globe there is a growing recognition of risks associated with protecting and managing information, ranging from monitoring data quality, protecting against data breaches, compliance with numerous laws and regulations, as well as increasing attention to customer concerns about ethical and responsible corporate use of personal data. And as organizations expand their data management footprints across an increasingly complex hybrid multicloud environments, there has never been a greater need for systemic information risk management.

In this webinar we explore ideas for identifying and assessing areas of information risk and then formalizing enterprise information policies and architecting socio-technical environments to monitor compliance with externally-imposed information governance requirements, mitigate those risks, and inspire a high level of confidence that sensitive information is not exposed to unauthorized viewers.

Attendees will learn about:
• Information risk domains
• Creating a taxonomy for “sensitive data”
• Classifying data assets according to sensitivity and risk domains
• Data policy management
• Data classification
• Compliance with data policies
• Ensuring auditability of information governance practices


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