WEBINAR: Partnership to Stewardship: Identifying the Data Experts that are Already Doing the Work

Data presents many challenges when it’s not properly managed. There’s a lack of metadata documentation, or the documentation is archived in different places and rarely published. Data definitions are not rationalized across data domains leading to multiple definitions. Data definitions are not documented, leading to key assets slowly pilfering away due to staff turnover. Data quality rules are not defined or measured, and when they are, its often ignored. And business rules and logic are documented in various places with a limited understanding of how to use the data. Due to the ambiguous understanding and insight into and around data, opportunities for data reusability are often lost, creating a plethora of duplicate untrusted information.

One of the key components to the success of data governance is Data Stewardship. Data Stewards are the operational aspect of data governance. Without data stewards actively and effectively managing data as an asset, the challenges persist, creating a downstream and upstream issue to make quick decisions. The people, organization, and processes are needed to ensure appropriately designated stewards are responsible for how data is defined, produced, managed, and used. Those who have a relationship with data (define, produce, manage and use) should have formal accountability and responsibility for managing that asset. In the presentation “Partnership to Stewardship: Identifying the Data Experts that are Already Doing the Work,” Sonya will provide real examples of tools and concepts she has leveraged to stand up enterprise stewardship during her data governance journey.

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