WEBINAR: Delivering Data Governance in an Agile World

If you are looking for a competitive game of Buzzword Bingo, look no further than the nexus of Data Governance and Agile Methodologies. There are a plethora, a virtual cornucopia, an infinite smorgasbord of copious curiosity attention grabbers to engage even the most stalwart of executives. But once you have their attention, is Agile Data Governance really possible or is it the biggest oxymoron of cliche catchphrases in recent times?

Cliche or not, organizations turn to Agile Methodologies to keep up with the pace of technology and digital disruption. In many industries, it is table stakes to survive. In this webinar, we will walk through the benefits and challenges of delivering data governance in an Agile organization. The core values and principles of Agile can make or break a data governance program depending on how they are implemented and the differences between success and failure can be very subtle. The secret is adopting the tenants of Agile within the context of your company culture. And that is not as easy as it may sound.

Join Anne Buff as she shares her experiences, the pros and cons, and recommendations in delivering a data governance program in an Agile Organization.

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