WEBINAR: A Career in Data Governance: Strategies in Hiring, Training and Recruiting

It has been said that an organization’s two greatest assets are: people and data. Pragmatically, these two critical assets are interdependent as strategically managed data enables improvements in people’s daily work and overall lives, while skilled and motivated people are essential in the governing and elevating of effective data. Since we are already enlisted in championing the data, it is acquiring and improving our human resources that sometimes doesn’t get as much of our attention — but is absolutely necessary for success. Whether you are a leader of a Data Governance program, are a data provocateur in your organization, or are looking to better your own data management career — come join me as we explore strategies around hiring, training, and recruiting for Data Governance.

We will cover topics such as:

Strategically hiring different backgrounds
Training a sustainable data governance team
Making the case for resources
Top reasons for a career in data governance

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