Advanced Tactics for Data Governance – Tactical Overview

Event: Advanced Tactics for Data Governance – Tactical Overview
Speaker(s): John Ladley
Date: June 12
Time: 2PM ET
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Webinar Invitation: “Advanced Tactics for Data Governance – Tactical Overview” with John Ladley. Join us on Wednesday, June 12, at 2 PM ET for an insightful webinar featuring data governance expert John Ladley. Is your organization grappling with common data governance challenges like resistance, lack of support, poor business alignment, or pressure to treat data governance as a quick fix? This session will equip you with advanced strategies to overcome these hurdles.
Drawing from John’s 30 years of experience in establishing effective data governance programs, this webinar will help you:
– Communicate effectively with leadership.
– Introduce innovative ideas for sustainability.
– Distinguish between restarting a failed program and sustaining an ongoing one.
– Balance policy, organizational challenges, and practical implementation.

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