Data Governance as an Enabler – Lessons Learned

Event: Data Governance as an Enabler – Lessons Learned
Speaker(s): Andy Gingerich, SVP, Senior Data Consultant, BOK Financial
Date: April 12
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
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At BOK Financial, data governance is a core function of their enterprise data and analytics program helping them create the foundation of a ‘360 view’ of their customers. Though ‘governance’ is sometimes thought of as a burden, they actually view it as an enabler. Prior to their data governance policy and stewardship program around customer data, senior leaders would often debate the question ‘Who is our customer?’ leaving technology and data projects to settle for complex business rules and duplicative efforts. Fast forward to today and that debate is over. The company’s Enterprise Customer program is enabling multiple enterprise projects ranging from loan origination to payments transformation through effective data governance and master data management.