Demand-Side Data Quality to Improve your Data Governance Program

Event: Demand-Side Data Quality to Improve your Data Governance Program
Speaker(s): John R. Talburt, Executive Director, Center for Advanced Research in Entity Resolution and Information Quality University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Date: June 2
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
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Demand-side quality management is at the root of the total quality management movement that revolutionized manufacturing. Through its ISO 9000 process quality standards, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has been a leader in promoting demand-side quality management. ISO has now published a new family of standards, the ISO 8000 Series, focused on data quality. ISO 8000 Part 61 provides a model you can use for developing and improving the data quality standard and practices in your data governance program. Based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act quality cycle promoted by Shewhart and Deming, the standard lays out 51 data quality management activities and 82 data quality outcomes and provides a great roadmap for implementing a demand-side data quality program in any organization.

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