How to Build a Data Governance Program in 90 Days

Event: How to Build a Data Governance Program in 90 Days
Speaker(s): Sherry Hidalgo, Sr. Data Manager of Governance, Shaw Industries Group, Inc
Date: July 13
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
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Shaw Industries has been a market leader for more than 55 years. While seeking to strengthen its status as an innovator, Shaw embarked on a data quality and governance journey, but they realized that their data quality wasn’t consistent across decades of customer and product information. While this is a familiar narrative, Shaw’s story is unique in how quickly it moved to stand up solutions and gain adoption. Last summer, the data governance team operationalized new tools to find, understand and trust all their data, including Cloud Data Quality, and the Enterprise Data Catalog. They managed to stand up the new DG/DQ program within 90 days, The result is an engaged enterprise community ready to innovate for the next 55 years.

Topics include:

-The business drivers for data governance and quality
-Resolving decades-long DQ inconsistencies
-How did we stand up the program within 90 days?

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