Implementing Data Governance Across Competing Organizations

Event: Implementing Data Governance Across Competing Organizations
Speaker(s): Tonmoy Dasgupta, Arkansas Insurance Dept.
Date: December 12
Time: 2:00 PM EDT
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Learn how the Arkansas State Insurance Department, led by Tonmoy Dasgupta, designed and implemented an award-winning Data Governance Program that reached across the health insurance industry and across public-private sectors to ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act for the State of Arkansas.  Tonmoy, an IT veteran of 25 years, also belongs to the world’s first cohort of Information Quality graduates (2008).  He has been following Data Governance trends since its early years and is the architect of a unique solution for Data Governance that implements a program across independent organizations. Some of the topics he will cover include:
  • Defining business scope when dealing with multiple organizations
  • Policies and procedures implemented towards a democratic data maintenance approach
  • Lessons learned while working towards acceptance of a vision among potentially adversarial stakeholders
  • Measuring results to ensure business value
  Tonmoy Dasgupta works in the Regulatory Health Link Division (RHLD) within the Arkansas Insurance Department with IT oversight and management responsibilities. The Division regulates marketplace and Medicaid health and dental insurance plans and is responsible for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Arkansas. Arkansas and Kentucky achieved the biggest drop in uninsured rates in the nation through their implementation of the ACA. Mr. Dasgupta has over 25 years of experience in various IT areas but his strength and love is Data Management.  He feels an offhand quip by a non-IT person best describes the challenges within Data Governance – “It’s easy to slap around electrons, but very difficult to make people agree” (Dr. Andy Allison, Health Policy expert).