Strong Policy Compliance Program at Dun and Bradstreet

Event: Strong Policy Compliance Program at Dun and Bradstreet
Speaker(s): Lisa Baughman, Global Data Governance Leader, Dun & Bradstreet
Date: July 10
Time: 2:00PM
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This presentation describes how Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) has taken policy governance to the next level. D&B has always implemented policies and procedures that governed the collection and use of data in our company. But in 2017, a new process was introduced. The core feature is the assignment of a Policy Functional Owner to each policy and procedure, who then carries out a number of tasks to ensure the policy or procedure is well governed. In the presentation we describe in detail what these tasks are and how the Policy Function Owners carry them out, working with stakeholders across the company. The role of Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) is also described; it is basically a quality control function with overall reporting for the state of data policies and procedures. Additionally, the mechanism by which EDG alerts stakeholders that are impacted by policy changes is also outlined. Attendees will learn: • The overall processes for governing data policies and procedures at D&B • What the role of Policy Functional Owner is, and how they carry out their responsibilities • How stakeholders across the company interact with data policies and procedures • How Enterprise Data Governance oversees the policy life cycle, ensures it is working smoothly, and informs all stakeholders who need to know about policy changes