The Data Governance Winter Conference

Event: The Data Governance Winter Conference
Date: December 3 – December 7, 2018
Where: Delray Beach, FL
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The premier conference for data governance professionals or anyone interested in learning how to be successful in data governance and information quality. The conference features in-depth interactive tutorials and workshops, conference sessions, two day seminars and real world case studies. New for 2018! • Dedicated track on Data Governance and Data Quality in Financial Services • More case studies than previous Data Governance Conferences The Conference Offers: • Tutorials and workshops by data governance and data quality experts and successful practitioners • Case studies • Two day seminars on Implementing Data Stewardship and the Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information • Sessions designed for the experienced data governance and data quality professional as well as for beginners • Immediate takeaways Topics include: • How to Get Started in Data Governance and Data Stewardship • How to be successful with Data Governance and Data Quality • Operationalizing Data Governance • How to Create a Business Glossary • Best practices for Implementing a Data Catalog • Change Management and Data Governance • Governing the Data Lake • Data Governance and Data Quality Metrics • Data Governance Artifacts • Data Governance Maturity Models • How to Measure the Cost of Poor Data Quality • How to Implement a Data Strategy • Overcoming Resistance and Roadblocks • Metadata Governance • GDPR Compliance tips • Best practices takeaways